CALLS TO ARTISTS! Naked! What’s nu(de) in contemporary art

January 17th – February 2nd 2019

JanKossen is hosting a Winter edition of FRESH! in 2019!

Show dates

Exhibition days: January 17th – February 2nd, 2019

Applications closes: December 15th, 2018

Successful applicants are notified 20th of December. Please have your artwork delivered to our New York space no later than January 14th 2019. Installation is January 15th+16th, 2019.


To apply, please fill in the form, and finalize with payment of USD 50.- for minimum three images. You can submit up to 5 images.


No hanging fees. In case of a sale the  gallery commission of 50% is applicable.

For more information and guidelines regarding logistics, how to price your work etc, please visit our blog

Who can apply?

Artists working in any genre, material can apply, including works on canvas, photography, paper, mixed media, sculpture. We do not accept video art. Artworks created the last three years will only be considered.

Curatorial concept

The upcoming winter FRESH! group show with have the theme “Naked! What’s nu(de) in contemporary art” with guest artists who will explore the concept of the nude in contemporary art.

The figure, specifically the nude, is arguably the most widely used subject matter in the history of art. From the Venus of Willendorf and Ancient Greece to Picasso and Giacometti, the nude figure has been used formally and conceptually to represent not only the model, but the emotions and ideals of their times and places. In this global world, what does it mean to use the nude in our modern age, particularly with the advent of new materials and technologies, both in the creation and spread of the artwork. How has the tradition carried over, and how has it changed to reflect our society?

Historically the nude was viewed in a more “heroic” fashion; from Antiquity to the Renaissance, while there were female nudes, the male nude dominated. There begins a shift in the 1600s and by the turn of the 19th century the landscape of nudes are almost entirely women, a lineage that we are still following today. What is it about the shift in modernity that has shifted the idea of the nude from “heroism” to “vulnerability” or simply more blatant “objectification”.

Viewing these artworks allows us a lens with which to see how each culture interprets beauty differently. From the Reubeneque figures to the airbrushed and photo shopped images we see today, how can the way we deal with the figure show us what our modern conceptions of beauty tell us about ourselves? How do the physical characteristics of the human body define a societies’ values? What are the values that society deems important enough to put into art?


Past Art Fair. SCOPE Basel 2018

Arte Ponte  was  exhibiting at 2018 edition of SCOPE Basel and featured nine emerging, contemporary artists who demonstrated different trends who explore various mediums in contemporary art.

Artists included Julia Dubovyk (USA), Christopher Parrot (USA), Maria Aparici (Spain), Guang Zhu (USA), Jon Rollins(USA), Lori Schouela (USA), Wayne Reynolds (USA), Mihail Tomescu(USA) and Loló Rodriguez (Chile).

Non-representational work artists Jon Rollins and Lori Schouela explored media experimentation. Rollins´ work evolved through oscillations of spontaneous, intuitive movements and methodical structuring, ranging from chance marks to grid layouts. Schouela paintings used playful and sensuous materials such as rose petals to explore and recreate the intangible energies of consciousness.

In contrast, Christopher Parrott, Julia Dubovyk and Mihail Tomescu approached methods of figurative painting. Contemporary internet-driven culture, exhibitionism and voyeurism were significant themes in Parrott´s work while Dubovyk captured the unexpected through rich, deep colors within simple compositions. Tomescu paintings moved between image and the objective quality of the surface, using antithetical transitive gestures that attempt to establish a tension between their representational functions and their immanent richness as material with its chromatic and tactile charge.

Artist Guang Zhu studied mathematical formulas and write computer code to express parametric equations. This hybrid experiences built by the preciseness of computing mathematical operations somehow invoked a sense of alienated wonder.

Maria Aparici and Loló Rodriguez projected their lives on a white canvas. Aparici created images that convinces, overwhelms and bewilders with elegance without violence, aggression, without stridencies, that could be contemplated with certain stupor, respect and jealousy. Pop culture, grunge music, hip-hop and street art were the influences of Rodriguez’s work. Rodriguez uses various media to make irony about the conservative and oppressive society in which she grew up in.

Painter Wayne Reynolds works went  into deep Space using implied texture supported by complex patterns, color and movement. They represented the energy in the universe with countless particles simultaneously spinning, attracting, and repelling.






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The annual summer group show FRESH! returns to JanKossen Contemporary, featuring works by 13 artists under the curatorial vision of “Order and Chaos: the World of the Enlightened”.
Artists have always played a role in voicing how the world is seen; they are critics disecting the concepts aesthetics, ideals of beauty, rationalism, tolerance and liberty. How do our artists see the world today? And what can we learn from their viewpoints ?

Artists are invited to explore and present their rendering of our world; to re-interpret what is considered truth (or not)and the realities around us. A diverse group of international emerging and established artists were selected, who demonstrate a variety of methods, media, use of materials and techniques employed.

Selected artists include Atsuko Chirikjian (USA), Eva Breitfuß (DE), Jarek Puczel (PL), Julie Rotblatt (USA),  Matthew Mogle (USA), Michael Gatzke (DE), Michele Utley- Voigt (USA), Ryan Burns (USA), Soojin Choi (USA), Vanessa Kocking (USA), Ahron Weiner (USA), Mariela Lechin (USA) and Trey Abdella(USA).


Abstraction has a strong presence in this exhibition. A group of artists Vanessa Kocking, Atsuko Chirikjian, Eva Breitfuß, Julie Rotblatt, Mariela Lechin and Ryan Burns use various media to create landscapes and explore both spiritual and physical elements of the today’s world. Using ink on canvas, Kocking creates fluid alternative spaces resembling silent landscapes that emerge from experiences in a personal existential pursuit. Seeing herself as a medium for the expression of the unknown, Breitfuß’ delicate acrylic lines mirror her focus to explore, transform and transport energies of time and space. Burns’ artistic practice is research oriented where he investigate society’s relationship with the natural world using proxy indicators of climate change embodied by the growth rings of felled trees. Rotblatt works with various media with the aim to explore multiple dimensions of both the spiritual and physical within the mind-body connection. In a world that constantly attempts to choose between extremes, Lechin paintings reflect the idea that contradictions coexist harmoniously as one. Paying homage to cultural heritage, Chirikjian works are steeped in tradition with a background working in materials. A canvas is for Chirikjian a three-dimensional construct; building her own canvas through the layering materials such as thread, wire, net, bamboo, twigs, and cheesecloth.

Artists  Michele Utley- Voigt, Matthew Mogle explore the human condition in relation to personal experiences, emotion, fate and form. Utley- Voigt’s powerful paintings is a visualization of our complex sense of self, which she translates into a kaleidoscope using complex and intelligent technique of multiple layered imagery. Mogle romanticizes narratives of the past, fused with his cynical and melancholic views of the present to explore the effects of chronic Lyme disease on the artist´s body.

Jarek Puczel and Michael Gatzke both introduce a strong psychological component in their artwork creating ambiguous moments of dimensional perception. Puczel’s painting capture a moment in time, evoking an emotional but calming emotion. Working in the same medium confined to a monochromatic palette, Gatzke invites the viewer to participate and contemplate within Gatzke’s atmospheric scenes.

As artists of the 21st century Sooji Choi, Ahron Weiner and Trey Abdella analyze society current issues. Weiner uses newspaper and journalistic media as a medium to criticise our society by opening a window into our collective consciousness. Conjoining realism and cartoons, Abdella creates cohesive scenes where cartoons are real and reality is distorted; offering us both an amusing yet disturbing interpretation of what is ailing in our society today. Distorting our sense of perception, Choi uses Representational imagery to tease our sense of reality where objects are dismantled, re-organised or dissected. Creating an almost surreal interpretation of objects, Choi demonstrates their instability and imperfections.





Terms and Conditions of application

The Artist agrees to commit to their application, should they be selected by the committee represented by Arte Ponte Cultural Institute. The artist understand that an initial deposit of USD 500.- as a confirmation fee will be invoiced upon acceptance, to ensure the space/ wall is reserved on behalf of the artist, and will not be given to another applicant. This is fee is deducted from the final invoice. Invoice is issued based on the artist’s wall selection.

Past Art Fair. SCOPE New York 2018

Arte Ponte exhibited during the Armory week at SCOPE NEW YORK (March 8-11 March) the work of seven emerging artists; Grayson Hoffman (USA), Ramón Puñet (ES), Loló Rodriguez (ARG), Joaquin Salim (VE), Mariana Flores Quijano (MX), Blair Martin Cahill (USA) and Michele Utley-Voigt (USA).

Pop culture and personal experiences inspire artists Loló Rodriguez and Joaquin Salim. Both of them use a combitation of media to refelect today´s society in their artworks. Today’s society is also the topic of Ramon Puñet compositions who, using a simple tool- a blue ball point pen, with extremely accuracy- recreates everyday life scenes.

The still life photographs of Grayson Hoffman represented ideas of identity. Whether it’s a portrait of a mannequin, a staple in fashion or trash in studio, the idea is not so much the object, itself, but a presentation of the object’s intrinsic qualities. Where Hoffmann captures what is, Michele Utley- Voigt deconstructs her subjects and explore the human condition: its emotion, fate and energy. Using this as her leitmotiv, Utley- Voigt’s paintings are a complex language of layering multiple levels of imagery representational of our complicated existence.

Tradition have a strong presence in Blair Martin Cahill and Mariana Flores Quijano work. By combining traditional methods of foundry casting and textile production with cutting edge technology, Cahill finds infinite opportunities for producing completely unique and truly contemporary fine art. The calaca, a skull that refers to the idiosyncrasy and Huichol roots, is the protagonist of Mariana Flores Quijano work who uses a variety of colors and textures to generate a three-dimensional effect.

Past Art Fair. SCOPE Miami Beach 2017

Arte Ponte was at Scope Miami Beach 2017, December 05-10.

Featuring 140 International Exhibitors from 25 countries and 60 cities SCOPE Miami Beach led one more time the charge for emerging contemporary art market.

Arte Ponte featured at the fair: Sabre Esler, Kristi Kohut, Hudson Art Studios, Kamiesha Garbadawala, Christybomb, Ghislaine Boreel , JnoWilson and Grayson Hoffman.

Colour explosion, textures and mixed-media had a strong presence in Arte Ponte booth. The artists Kristi Kohut, Christybomb and Hudson Art Studios showed a world of fantasy and joy, outside of the routine of day-to-day life.

In contrast, the use of the line, color and geometric shapes were the main features of Jno Wilson who adheres to the principles of the Washington Color School and the California Hard Edge Movement.

Abstract exploration and a mix of materials artists Sabre Esler and Ghislaine Boreel explored personal structures. Esler is fascinated with how the mind works; the connections and pathways that lead to convoluted structures while Boreel focuses on her personal experiences and the duplexity of them.

Wide planes of color and broad strokes served Kamiesha Garbadawala who explores life experiences and conveyance of emotion through art. Turning personal trauma and loss into strength and power through self-examination, she forges impassioned compositions filled with complexity, nuance and gravity.

The still life photographs of Grayson Hoffman represented ideas of identity. Whether it’s a portrait of a mannequin, a staple in fashion or trash in studio, the idea is not so much the object, itself, but a presentation of the object’s intrinsic qualities.

Abstraction of the Ordinary (photography show)

About the exhibition

The premier show at our new Chelsea gallery location, June 8th – July 8th, 2017. Opening reception Thursday, June 8th

Exhibited artists present a new perspective, a new life to the ordinary by looking through a wider lens; a different angle, by shifting the point of view to present a world of abstraction.

Artists List:

Ajuan Song

Alyssia Lazin

Bobbi McMurry

Manss Aval

Marina Fridman

McCormick Brubaker

Philippe Halaburda

Robert Uricchio

Uma Rani Iyli

Press Release here.

Exhibition Catalogue here.

Important dates

Exhibition Dates June 8th – July 8th, 2017

Opening Reception Thursday, June 8th, 6pm – 8pm.


Modern Masters: a look at hyper-realism

About the exhibition

To be held at ARTEPONTE New York gallery premises in Chelsea.

This exhibition showcases classically trained artists who explore contemporary themes and topics but work using traditional methods and techniques.
Exploring the genre of the old master painters, the show presents modern topics and subjects that are relevant today. A remix using traditional techniques with an unexpected and fresh contemporary twist.

Artists List

Gary Aagaard

Erik Clark

Cesar Conde

Michelle Leavitt-Djonlic

Robert Markey

Jan Nelson

Hatidza Mulic

Richard Ostroff

Christopher Parrott

Marek Slavik

Important dates

Exhibition Dates June 15th – July 15th, 2017

Opening Reception Thursday, June 15th, 6pm – 8pm.


Link to exhibition catalogue here

Link to the Press Release here

FRESH! Annual Summer Show “Geoform”, 13th July – 18th August New York

About the exhibition

The exhibition will be held at ARTEPONTE New York gallery premises in Chelsea, during 13th July – 18th August 2017. Opening reception: Thursday, July 13th, 6 -6 pm

Celebrating abstract art that is based on the use of geometric forms, sometimes seen as a non-illusionistic space and combined into non-objective (non-representational) compositions, the exhibition Geoform explores the genre of contemporary non-objective abstraction, created using a variety of mediums.

Artists List:

Amy Chan, April Hammock, Atsuko Okamoto, Ben Rosecrans, Blaine Breaux, Blair Martin Cahill, Clark Rendall, Danielle Feldhaker, George Goodrige, Guang Zhu, Jackie Tufford, Jane Lincoln, John Wilson, Jon Merritt. Kyle Yip, Larry Jones, Lisa Fromartz, Monica Delgado, Myoung Su (AKA Sienna) Ko, Patti Samper, Roberta Estes, Russell Bellamy, Ryota Matsumoto, Sabre Esler, Sean Mick, Sharmen Liao, Stacy Lovejoy

Press Release here

Exhibition Catalog here