Art Fair tour 2023

ArtePonte will be participating in a European tour of art fairs in France, Luxembourg, Monaco, Switzerland and Belgium! 

How to take part 

Once the calls are open, artists are welcome to apply via the respective online form, under the „Calls to Artists“ menu. Or click on the image of the city above, of the fair you are interested in. Once calls are open, an online form will open. More information about the submission process and commission payable to Arte Ponte for the individual fairs is available by visiting the art-fair page, or by contacting

Who can take part?

All artists who are currently working professionally; art graduates or talented outsider artists working in different media are welcome to apply. Only original artworks or photography. We do not accept print-editions of original artworks.

Want to exhibit in three or more cities?

For artists shipping their artworks especially outside Europe, taking part in multiple events is an attractive option. If you are accepted for any one of the fairs, we will discuss with you the possibility of other cities where we can represent you. For more information regarding participation criteria, logistics involved and our commission, please visit the individual art-fair from applications. If you wish to find out more before submitting your application for consideration, please do contact me with subject „European art fairs“ and the cities you are interested in.

What fees are involved?

Application fee is €25 – per artist. A booth package ranges from €980 – €2500, dependent on wall size the artist needs (from 1 to 3 meters wide).

The package is paid in three instalments; the first 30% payable upon acceptance to confirm your commitment. An additional commission of 15% is payable to the gallery Arte Ponte when there is sale.


Since aritsts come from world-wide, we are unable to cover any shipping or logistics, since this would naturally restrict us to local artists. Since we wish to invite artists from outside of Europe, any shipping is the responsibility of the artist. Cost and organisation of shipping to and from the venue / to us, and any unsold artworks to be returned, is paid by the artist. (Help with import documentation is are provided upon request).

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