Past shows in our New York Gallery space

Arte Ponte hosted a variety of group shows with emerging and mid-career artists in our Chelsea gallery space, at 529W20th street.

Ah…. Those were the days… :).

Now we are a Nomad gallery, collaborating with galleries in Europe with plans for Asia and the US. To kick start however our 2023 season, check out the art-fair section! We are in France, Belgium Luxembourg, Switzerland and Monaco!!

2 thoughts on “Past shows in our New York Gallery space

    • Dr. Jasmin Kossen Artist coach and consultant says:

      Dear Hilda, a while (a long time ago!) you reached out to us via the website about exhibiting in our gallery in NY. Sorry, but your email was not seen on the site. (spam) and am cleaning out our old inbox and found your email! (embarrassing…) we also had to close operations in NY when the pandemic struck. If its ok with you, I have added you to our newsletter, and once we are up-and running we will and you updates? We are currently doing a 2023 European tour of fairs for artists. more information on Kind regards Jasmin

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