57th Venice Biennale Group shows

Arte Ponte is excited to announce a series of group exhibitions to take place during the Venice Biennale May – November 2017, at the Palazzo Corner Spinelli, a 15th century palace located on the Grand Canal.

The Contemporary Figure

to take place 1 Sept. – 8 November 2017

For more information and a PDF of the curatorial vision, email hello@arteponte.com

Who should apply?

Group shows are open to all professional artists working in all media, the exhibition will have a predominant focus on mixed media.

Artists seriously focused on their future and wishing to further their career by meeting key influencers within the art-world including gallerists, art consultants, curators, museum directors and collectors;  who wish to gain recognition and increased awareness of their work and seek inspiration to further their art, should apply.

Due to the high demand among artists and volume of applicants, ARTE PONTE has a strong curatorial vision for the exhibition as a criteria in the selection process.

Artists are invited to submit work with a strong curatorial link to the theme. Any media, technique or genre are welcome to apply.  Only unique art created during the last three years will be accepted.

About the Palazzo

Foyer entrance into the palace

Foyer entrance into the palace

The palace was commissioned in the late 15th century by the aristocratic Lando Family, and built on designs by Mauro Codussi, (1440–1504)  an Italian architect of the early-Renaissance.  He was one of the first to bring the classical style of the early renaissance to Venice to replace the prevalent Gothic style.  The present façade is a perfect example, of the Renaissance geometric style designed by Codussi between 1497 and 1500. In the 16th century, the new owners, the Corner family asked Michele Sanmicheli to reconstruct the interior.

The Main Floor ‘Piano Nobile’ is divided by a hallway entrance, and three grand rooms that reflect the classic type of Venetian palaces of the sixteenth century: some ancient frescoes and stucco still intact, rooms are joined by a large balcony overlooking the Grand Canal.

There are six rooms, all painted and adorned with significant antique stucco and spectacular terrazzo floors suited perfectly to an art exhibition those entrances from both historical and contemporary perspectives.