Past Art Fair. SCOPE Miami Beach 2017

Arte Ponte was at Scope Miami Beach 2017, December 05-10.

Featuring 140 International Exhibitors from 25 countries and 60 cities SCOPE Miami Beach led one more time the charge for emerging contemporary art market.

Arte Ponte featured at the fair: Sabre Esler, Kristi Kohut, Hudson Art Studios, Kamiesha Garbadawala, Christybomb, Ghislaine Boreel , JnoWilson and Grayson Hoffman.

Colour explosion, textures and mixed-media had a strong presence in Arte Ponte booth. The artists Kristi Kohut, Christybomb and Hudson Art Studios showed a world of fantasy and joy, outside of the routine of day-to-day life.

In contrast, the use of the line, color and geometric shapes were the main features of Jno Wilson who adheres to the principles of the Washington Color School and the California Hard Edge Movement.

Abstract exploration and a mix of materials artists Sabre Esler and Ghislaine Boreel explored personal structures. Esler is fascinated with how the mind works; the connections and pathways that lead to convoluted structures while Boreel focuses on her personal experiences and the duplexity of them.

Wide planes of color and broad strokes served Kamiesha Garbadawala who explores life experiences and conveyance of emotion through art. Turning personal trauma and loss into strength and power through self-examination, she forges impassioned compositions filled with complexity, nuance and gravity.

The still life photographs of Grayson Hoffman represented ideas of identity. Whether it’s a portrait of a mannequin, a staple in fashion or trash in studio, the idea is not so much the object, itself, but a presentation of the object’s intrinsic qualities.

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