Past Art Fair. SCOPE New York 2018

Arte Ponte exhibited during the Armory week at SCOPE NEW YORK (March 8-11 March) the work of seven emerging artists; Grayson Hoffman (USA), Ramón Puñet (ES), Loló Rodriguez (ARG), Joaquin Salim (VE), Mariana Flores Quijano (MX), Blair Martin Cahill (USA) and Michele Utley-Voigt (USA).

Pop culture and personal experiences inspire artists Loló Rodriguez and Joaquin Salim. Both of them use a combitation of media to refelect today´s society in their artworks. Today’s society is also the topic of Ramon Puñet compositions who, using a simple tool- a blue ball point pen, with extremely accuracy- recreates everyday life scenes.

The still life photographs of Grayson Hoffman represented ideas of identity. Whether it’s a portrait of a mannequin, a staple in fashion or trash in studio, the idea is not so much the object, itself, but a presentation of the object’s intrinsic qualities. Where Hoffmann captures what is, Michele Utley- Voigt deconstructs her subjects and explore the human condition: its emotion, fate and energy. Using this as her leitmotiv, Utley- Voigt’s paintings are a complex language of layering multiple levels of imagery representational of our complicated existence.

Tradition have a strong presence in Blair Martin Cahill and Mariana Flores Quijano work. By combining traditional methods of foundry casting and textile production with cutting edge technology, Cahill finds infinite opportunities for producing completely unique and truly contemporary fine art. The calaca, a skull that refers to the idiosyncrasy and Huichol roots, is the protagonist of Mariana Flores Quijano work who uses a variety of colors and textures to generate a three-dimensional effect.

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