Past Art Fair. SCOPE Basel 2018

Arte Ponte  was  exhibiting at 2018 edition of SCOPE Basel and featured nine emerging, contemporary artists who demonstrated different trends who explore various mediums in contemporary art.

Artists included Julia Dubovyk (USA), Christopher Parrot (USA), Maria Aparici (Spain), Guang Zhu (USA), Jon Rollins(USA), Lori Schouela (USA), Wayne Reynolds (USA), Mihail Tomescu(USA) and Loló Rodriguez (Chile).

Non-representational work artists Jon Rollins and Lori Schouela explored media experimentation. Rollins´ work evolved through oscillations of spontaneous, intuitive movements and methodical structuring, ranging from chance marks to grid layouts. Schouela paintings used playful and sensuous materials such as rose petals to explore and recreate the intangible energies of consciousness.

In contrast, Christopher Parrott, Julia Dubovyk and Mihail Tomescu approached methods of figurative painting. Contemporary internet-driven culture, exhibitionism and voyeurism were significant themes in Parrott´s work while Dubovyk captured the unexpected through rich, deep colors within simple compositions. Tomescu paintings moved between image and the objective quality of the surface, using antithetical transitive gestures that attempt to establish a tension between their representational functions and their immanent richness as material with its chromatic and tactile charge.

Artist Guang Zhu studied mathematical formulas and write computer code to express parametric equations. This hybrid experiences built by the preciseness of computing mathematical operations somehow invoked a sense of alienated wonder.

Maria Aparici and Loló Rodriguez projected their lives on a white canvas. Aparici created images that convinces, overwhelms and bewilders with elegance without violence, aggression, without stridencies, that could be contemplated with certain stupor, respect and jealousy. Pop culture, grunge music, hip-hop and street art were the influences of Rodriguez’s work. Rodriguez uses various media to make irony about the conservative and oppressive society in which she grew up in.

Painter Wayne Reynolds works went  into deep Space using implied texture supported by complex patterns, color and movement. They represented the energy in the universe with countless particles simultaneously spinning, attracting, and repelling.






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