Shipping and packing artworks

This information if for artists who are exhibiting with us, and offers guidelines on how to ship their art to and from the venue.


Q: To what address do I ship my work?
A: To venue address (dependent on the fair you have submitted your artwork for) This is provided in the gallery-artist contract.
Att: Jasmin Kossenjans

Q: When should I ship my work?
A: Plan early! Work must arrive 3 days (a Wednesday normally) prior to the opening of the fair.

Q: What shipping methods should I use?
A:We suggest setting up an online account with common couriers such as Fedex, UPS, TNT, DHL or the US Postal Service. You can sign up online and print bar-coded shipping labels. 

A return label must be included and placed inside your box. 


Q: Do I have to provide a prepaid return label?
A: Artworks not sold are returned to the artist, unless the artist is doing a multiple of art fairs with us / cities. The artworks are in this case stored with us, until the next event. In the case that the artworks are to be returned, you will be requested to send a return pre-paid label. We understand select carriers (FedEx) have labels that expire after 30 days.

Q: What happens if I do not provide the correct return shipping label with my artwork?
A: We will consider your artwork a donation to the gallery. YOUR RETURN LABEL MUST HAVE A BAR CODE ON IT. Your label is not correct if it does not have a bar code. If you have a label with just your account or credit card number on it that means it has not been processed and will not be picked up by the shipping company. DO NOT SEND labels filled out by hand. Please see the images for this section.


Q: Will you let me know when my artwork arrives?

A: Yes. However, we suggest tracking your own package online through your shipping carrier. 

Q: How do I get my artwork back if it does not sell? 
A: You must include a prepaid return shipping label if you want your artwork delivered back to you after the fair. It is free to open an account and print out a prepaid/barcoded shipping label. No cash, only accounts or credit card numbers on shipping labels please. While we prefer Fedex or UPS, we accept any major shipping company (TNT, DHL etc). If we do not receive a prepaid return label and your artwork does not sell we will consider your artwork a donation to the gallery.

Q: When will my work ship back to me?
A: We will ship unsold work back to all artists latest the week after the show closes.


Q. How should I package my artwork for shipping?

A: We highly recommend investing in good packing materials to ship your work. Proper packaging is a wise investment especially if you will be sending your pieces back and forth to galleries. We advise using first soft tissue or cloth prior to wrapping works in bubble wrap. Bubbles can leave round marks on the work’s surface, particularly in the case of plexiglass.

Q: What shipping materials do you recommend?
A: A clam shell box with a convoluted foam insert is THE BEST and makes packaging easy for you and us when we return the piece packed to you. You can find examples of these at If you intent to package a different way, we recommend wrapping your work in foam or bubble wrap (without tape).

Remember! We will be reusing your packing materials to return the artwork to you. Tape will tear, and damage your bubble wrap. So please use sticky tape sparingly.

Q: How should I label the shipping box?
A: Ensure your name and contents are clearly labelled on the back of your box. Include the title, size and weight. See example below.


Q:What should I avoid when packaging my artwork?
A: Do not over tape! Too much tape is dangerous: It can stick to your art and ruin it. It also makes your package impossible to open without using a knife or scissors. And your art could be accidentally damaged when using a knife. Invest in the few extra inches of foam or bubble wrap to properly cover your work! Be generous with the foam wrapping. Instead of taping, tuck in the sides to ensure work is secure. 

packing peanuts on floor

Absolutely No Peanut or Popcorn filling will be accepted! These fillings are a headache and a mess. If you insist on packaging with peanuts or any flaking Styrofoam material you will incur a $35 janitorial fee.

Q: What if my artwork arrives damaged?
A: By sending your work and agreeing to take part in the exhibition you also agree to follow our packing and shipping guidelines. The risk of damage, however, is always present during transportation. We will email you photos of any damage and do our best to hide it. If the damage cannot be repaired, the work will be stored and returned as scheduled with the rest of the artwork. If damage alters the price of the work we will negotiate with the buyer, contacting you for your permission prior to the final sale. 

Q: I am shipping from outside of Europe. What should I be aware of? 
A: Please allow additional time for your shipment to pass through customs. If it is selected to be checked it will be delayed entrance into Europe.

A: Include a performa invoice (the value of your work). This is a simple document where an invoice template will suffice, with the heading “performa”. Include your address, the destination address, quantity of artworks with their size/title/medium and total value. Ensure the total value is under €100 since otherwise a customs importation fee will be charged. Additionally, you will need to specify on the shipping document that all charges are incurred by you as shipper. If this is not specified and we receive an invoice, we reserve the right to charge you this amount or refuse the shipment. 

Q: I am shipping from outside of Europe. Can I send my artworks unframed? 
A: Yes. For works on paper, order a frame online (IKEA France for instance) and have it delivered to the gallery or venue otherwise specified.  We do not charge extra for this service to frame the art for you.
Please be advised, when returning your work we are unable to ship the artwork framed, if you have no prepaid label to cover this extra cost.

Q: I am shipping from outside Europe Can I send canvas works in a roll, unstretched? 
A: Yes. Based on size, we will send you a quote for labor and material fees to stretch your artwork. Depending on size, estimates range from $50 – 120 per artwork. Your artwork will be returned rolled.


Q: Can I drop off my work in person, or have someone drop it off for me?
A: Yes, work can be delivered any time during installation hours at the art fair venue, or drop off at the hotel where gallery staff are staying. We ask that you provide the deliverer’s name (if not artist) and date of arrival in advance. 

Q: How should I properly drop off my artwork?
A: It is likely your artwork will not be able to be hung at the time of delivery. As such, we ask that you protect your artwork with proper packaging, labeled as yours for storage purposes.

Q: When should I pick up my artwork?
A: The day or night of closing at the art fair. It is possible to collect the artwork up to 3 days after the fair at the concierge desk, at the hotel where our staff were staying in. Details are discussed with each artist in advance!

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