About Us

ARTE PONTE is a Swiss non-profit association and institute that supports its members who are emerging and established visual artists, curators, designers and architects as well as and professionals within the art-world by fostering connections to a network of opportunities.  Since 2009, the association has been promoting artists during selected art fairs in Paris, Venice, New York, Miami, Basel and Austria.

ARTE PONTE is present in three countries;  with administrative offices in Basel, Switzerland; its global HQ (as of Jan 2017) cultural institute and exhibition space is in Venice, inPalazzo Corner Spinelli (see banner image); and since 2013 in New York, where Arte Ponte hosts exhibitions with support of JanKossen Contemprary gallery in Chelsea, for selected curated exhibitions during Summer.

Arte Ponte is a member-based cultural institute which offers its members and guest artists

  • a networking online presence, where members can set up a complimentary profile
  • participates on behalf of its artists during selected art-fairs in Miami and Basel
  • offers educational courses including seminars, workshops and one-on-one advisory sessions
  • A seasonal residency program in Venice and New York
  • Seasonal Internship programs in Venice and New York
  • Publishes books focused on specific artistic genres

ARTE PONTE has its own publishing house, where annually we issue volumes on different genres of contemporary art . Books are distributed among art professionals; during fairs, events and during the Venice Biennial at the HQ premises in-house book shop.

Arte Ponte also provides focused help to fresh graduates or fledgling artists, who often lack a mentor to help them guide them in their career development. For this Arte Ponte has established an mentoring program, where  help in basics such as CV writing, artist statement and general consultation is provided for.  One important aspect, is to help the artist find a permanent gallery to take them under their wing.