The Graduate Year Book Vol. 2019

Did you graduate from a reputable art college or university? Need to reach out to galleries and curators?

Graduate students (2015 -2018/9)  of fine art are invited to submit their work for the upcoming publication “The Year Book”; an annual publication which showcases new talent from institutions world-wide.

For this first edition, the work of over 50 graduates are introduced to galleries, collectors, institutions and art-lovers. THE YEAR BOOK will be available as an online  e-book, as a print edition distributed during art-fairs, and is mailed to galleries in New York.  Internationally, the printed edition is available via amazon.

Each graduating artist will have a double page, a curatorial text based on their artist-statement translated into two  languages (English, German or Spanish).  Paper in non-gloss art paper, hard cover with a dust-jacket.

Successful applicants whoses work have been accepted for publication, may showcase their work in New York during the Summer Show during July / August 2019.


If accepted,  there is a flat fee of USD 1280.-  to cover the following
– graphic and layout designer fee
– translation and editing
– Production costs
– Print and distribution
– Summer exhibition in New York, for PR, rent and installation fees  (excludes any shipping or logistics)


Interested?  Please email with the subject “THE YEAR BOOK” for more information.