F+Q and Helpful Guidelines

The following pages in this section is a library of F+Qs I have received over the years from artists – both fledgling and established. Some topics will help in your career – such as how to describe and price your art.

Other topics are operational in nature, and may seem mundane. But are essential especially for our artists who are joining us on the art-fair circuit. Such as: how to frame or pack and ship your art. Sadly I have unpacked one too many broken artworks in my time as a gallerist, due to poor packing techniques. I want you to avoid such pain!

If you have any topics you wish me to include here, please email me. Always happy to include either on our Arte Ponte site, or add to our growing library of educational videos on http://www.artist-career.com

Hope these tips will be helpful.

Jasmin Kossen